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Scribe Biosciences Awarded a NIH Grant for High Throughput, Single-Cell Antibody Discovery

San Francisco, CA - August 10, 2023,  Scribe Biosciences, a company developing technologies to study functional cell to cell interactions in a microenvironment, has announced it has received a NIH grant through the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease for $300,000 to develop a method for large scale, single-cell functional screening workflow for antibody discovery. This award will help to accelerate the development of the MOD (Microenvironment on Demand) platform for plasma B cell functional assays for antibody discovery. 

Scribe Biosciences MOD technology builds precise droplet based cell assays through deterministical assembly of cells with reagents with a greater than 90% accuracy.  This accuracy coupled with the ability to screen greater than 100,000 cells ensures that a greater repertoire of plasma B cells are screened increasing the odds of finding the unique secretors and binders. This technology is also poised to speed antibody discovery by functionally characterizing single plasma B cells more fully in the hit generation process alleviating costly bottle necks in lead selection.

About Scribe Biosciences

Scribe Biosciences is a San Francisco-based company pioneering technologies to accelerate immunotherapy discoveries through linked functional and genomic profiling of single-cell interactions. Scribe's Microenvironment on Demand (MOD) technology enables the construction of hundreds of thousands of live cell-based assays (cytotoxicity, secretion) in droplets and selectively profile assay-positive droplets using genomics readouts. Scribe’s platform will enable a deeper understanding of cancer, cardiovascular, and autoimmune diseases by linking live-cell assays to genomics at a single-cell resolution. To learn more, go to:


Russell Cole, co-founder and CEO

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