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Study Single-Cell Interactions with

Unprecedented Throughput and Precision

Scribe Biosciences is an early-stage company pioneering technologies to accelerate immunotherapy discoveries through linked functional and genomic profiling of single-cell interactions. 

Who are we
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  • Scribe Biosciences was established from technologies developed at the University of California, San Francisco to build droplet microfluidic assays with precise cell ratios.

  • Scribe's core technology, Microenvironment on Demand (MOD), enables the construction of hundreds of thousands of live cell-based assays (cytotoxicity, secretion) in droplets and selectively profile assay-positive droplets using genomics readouts.

  • MOD will enable deeper understanding of cancer, heart and autoimmune diseases by linking live-cell assays to genomics at a single-cell resolution.

How it works
Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

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953 Indiana St.

San Francisco, CA 94107 


Please drop us a line. We are actively seeking out collaboration and pilot project opportunities.

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