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Study Single-Cell Interactions with

Unprecedented Throughput and Precision

Scribe Biosciences is an early-stage company pioneering technologies to accelerate immunotherapy discoveries through linked functional and genomic profiling of single-cell interactions. 

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  • Scribe Biosciences was established from technologies developed at the University of California, San Francisco to build droplet microfluidic assays with precise cell ratios.

  • Scribe's core technology, Microenvironment on Demand (MOD), enables the construction of hundreds of thousands of live cell-based assays (cytotoxicity, secretion) in droplets and selectively profile assay-positive droplets using genomics readouts.

  • MOD will enable deeper understanding of cancer, heart and autoimmune diseases by linking live-cell assays to genomics at a single-cell resolution.



Russell Cole, PhD
Ian Walton
Sr. VP of Engineering
Zev Gartner, PhD
Adam Abate, PhD
Justin Madrigal, PhD
Sr. Scientist
Nathan Schoepp, PhD
Sr. Scientist
Paul McEwan
Lawrence Fong, MD
Scientific Advisor
Maithreyan Srinivasan, PhD
Codian Powell, M.S.
Associate Scientist

Job Opportunities

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953 Indiana St.

San Francisco, CA 94107 


Please drop us a line. We are actively seeking out collaboration and pilot project opportunities.