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NIH/NCI Awards Scribe Biosciences a Grant for the Development of Single-Cell Cytotoxicity Assays

San Francisco, CA - September 7, 2022,  Scribe Biosciences, a company developing technologies to study cell-to-cell interactions in a microenvironment, has announced it has received an NIH grant through the National Cancer Institute for approximately $350,000 for cell toxicity assays used in CAR-T and other types of cell therapies to help measure mechanism of action and potency. This award will help to accelerate the development of the MOD (Microenvironment on Demand) platform for cell toxicity assays and ultimately cell potency assays.

Many key mechanisms governing cell therapy activity such as persistence and immune-mediated killing are not well understood. Current methods rely on bulk testing which provides an average score used to predict performance. Scribe’s MOD technology will allow greater than 100,000 single-cell combinatorial assays to be run at a time. Single-cells can be sorted and counted by individual cytotoxicity profile providing more in depth information than bulk assays leading to more efficacious therapies. 

About Scribe Biosciences

Scribe Biosciences is a San Francisco-based company pioneering technologies to accelerate immunotherapy discoveries through linked functional and genomic profiling of single-cell interactions. Scribe's Microenvironment on Demand (MOD) technology enables the construction of hundreds of thousands of live cell-based assays (cytotoxicity, secretion) in droplets and selectively profile assay-positive droplets using genomics readouts. Scribe’s platform will enable a deeper understanding of cancer, cardiovascular, and autoimmune diseases by linking live-cell assays to genomics at a single-cell resolution. To learn more, go to:


Russell Cole, co-founder and CEO

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